Emergency Calls:

For life -threatening emergencies  please Call the hospital E.R 911

Call Poison Control Center 800 942-5969 for any overdosing of medication.
( 24h a day immediately tell you what to do)

Sick Child:

If you child is sick and you would like the doctor to see a child , please all our office for appointment. If you are not sure if you child is sick enough to bring him or her to the doctor , call the office for advice. Doctor medical stuff is well educated to provide you with information to care for your child at home. Any concerns that cannot be addressed by medical stuff will be immediately brought to the doctor attention

PAGING DR Lojewski.

Please be aware that Dr Lojewski is available twenty – four hours a day , seven days a week.
Paging the doctor after office hours or on the weekend or holidays should be reserved for urgent calls.

Non urgent calls Dr Lojewski will charge $25 fee
Doctor will return your page in 15 min